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Wensheng Zhang (张文胜), Professor

Professor, CAM-SU genomic resource Center, Soochow University, 2014-present,
Principal Investigator, Stem Cell and & Reprogramming, 2014-present
Ph.D., National University of Singapore, 1998-2002


The central question for embryonic stem cells is how they maintain the capabilities of pluripotency and self-renewal in a controlled manner. Our laboratory aims at further understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying the unique features of stem cells. We are interested in better understanding the functions of the SWI/SNF chromatin remodelers, as well as identifying novel factors involved in chromatin remodeling, which plays pivotal roles in controlling the spatiotemporal differentiation of stem cells. Our group explores some of the most advanced technologies in the field of stem cell research, e.g. CRISPR and ChIP-seq. We have also established several genetically engineered mouse models to study the functions of related transcription factors in vivo.


Representative Publications

1.  Jinxiong Han, Jun Zhang, Li Chen, Bin Shen, Jiankui Zhou, Bian Hu, Yinan Du, Peri Tate, Xingxu Huang*, Wensheng Zhang*. (2014) Efficient in Vivo Deletion of a Large Imprinted Lncrna by CRISPR/Cas9. RNA Biol. Aug 19;11(7)  (*co-correspondence author).

2. Shen B#, Zhang W#, Zhang J#, Zhou J, Wang J, Chen L, Wang L, Hodgkins A, Iyer V, Huang X, Skarnes WC. (2014) Efficient Genome Modification in Mice by CRISPR/Cas9 Nickase Without off-target Effects. Nat Methods. Apr;11(4):399-402 (#co-first author).

3.  Shen B, Zhang X, Du Y, Wang J, Gong J, Zhang X, Tate PH, Li H, Huang X*, Zhang W#. (2013) Efficient Knockin Mouse Generation by ssDNA Oligonucleotides and Zinc-Finger Nuclease Assisted Homologous Recombination in Zygotes. Plos One. Oct 22;8(10) (*co-correspondence author).

4.  van den Berg DL, Zhang W, Yates A, Engelen E, Takacs K, Bezstarosti K, Demmers J, Chambers I, Poot RA.. (2008) The Estrogen Related Receptor Beta Interacts with Oct4 to Positively Regulate Nanog Gene Expression. Mol Cell Biol.  Oct; 28(19):5986-95.

5.  Joon-Lin Chew#, Yuin-Han Loh#, Wensheng Zhang# ,Xi Chen, Wai-Leong Tam, Leng-Siew Yeap, Pin Li, Yen-Sin Ang, Bing Lim, Paul Robson, Huck-Hui Ng. (2005) Reciprocal Regulation of OCT4 and SOX2 Genes via Oct4/Sox2 Complex in Embryonic Stem Cells. Mol Cell Biol. July 25(14):6031-46 (# co-first authors).

6.   Wensheng Zhang#, Yun Zhao#, Chao Tong, Gelin Wang, Bing Wang, Jianhang Jia, and Jin Jiang. (2005) Hedgehog-Regulated Costal2-Kinase Complexes Control Phosphorylation and Proteolytic Processing of Cubitus Interruptus.  Developmental Cell.  8: 267–278.

7. Jianhang Jia, Wensheng Zhang, Bing Wang, Richard Trinko, Jin Jiang. (2003) The Drosophila Ste20 Family Kinase Dmst Functions as a Tumor Suppressor by Restricting Cell Proliferation and Promoting Apoptosis. Genes And Development.  Oct 15; 17: 2514-2519.

8.   Zhang Wensheng, Wu Q, Pwee KH, DS. Jois, Manujunatha Kini R. (2003) Characterization of the Interaction of Wheat Hmga With Linear and Four-way Junction Dnas. Biochemistry. Jun 3;42(21):6596-607.

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