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ES Cell Order

Upon user request we thaw, expand and re-freeze several aliquots of the desired ES cell clones. Our standard controls include a.) a PCR based assay to ensure that ES cells are mycoplasma free and b.) the verification of the presence of lacZ and all the loxP sites using a short PCR strategy. The 3' loxP site is prerequisite for the conditional potential of the allele. 3' and 5' long-range PCR were performed to verification homologous recombination. ES cells, which have passed these three initial quality controls will be sent to the requestor.

Note: As a highly experimental resource there is NO WARRANTY or GUARANTY that the offered clones are suitable for any purpose. You may receive germline transmission from our clones although this might also depend on the targeted region, but you may not expect to do so if you order only one clone. We recommend to order 3 clones.

Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that we can deliver all ES cell clones you select here. With of our well-established quality control there is always the risk that a clone may fail, and we don't want to send you those clones.

Below is price of QC-qualified mutant ES cell

ES Cells US dollars($)
One Clone (per vial)  $1,120
Extra Clone  $400 per extra clone
Extra vial  $150 per extra vial
Transportation  Uncovered (By customers)

 We recommend that you can use MGI ID of gene to search for our database is still update for the synonym of gene name.

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