Ying Xu (徐璎), Professor

Ying Xu (徐璎),  Professor

Director of CAM-SU Genomic Resource Center, 2014-Present

Distinguished Professor, Soochow University, 2014-Present

Distinguished Professor, Model Animal Research Center, Nanjing University, 2006-Present

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, San Francisco, 2003-2006

Ph.D., University of Tokyo, 2001

Email: yingxu@suda.edu.cn


Organisms have adapted to the potent pressures of day-night changes in our environment with daily, anticipatory changes in physiology and behavioral. 

Our laboratory is using cellular, molecular, genetic, evolutional and behavioural approaches to understand the mechanism that drive circadian rhythms in the brain and peripheral tissues and how our daily schedules can disrupt these reliable changes in metabolism, gene expression, Hormone levels and behavior, and result in diseases.


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